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At Interim HealthCare of Fort Lauderdale South, FL, our primary goal is simple. We want to make life better for people in Fort Lauderdale and the surrounding area. We also know that "better" means something different from one family to the next, which is why each of our care plans are cost-effective and highly personalized to you or your loved one’s needs. We are experts, professionals and provide high-quality services all while doing it with compassion.

Through a team of certified professionals, we provide Personal Care and Supportive Services (PCSS) that keep our clients in the comfort of their homes. Our homecare experts use all of the resources available to deliver care with integrity and compassion, and take pride in making a difference to those who need it most. From infant to geriatric, we have a passion for caring, regarding the client and family as two chapters in the same book and considering the unique needs of each.

About Us in Mercer County


Our Philosophy of Care

Our HomeLife Enrichment® standard of care brings value and purpose to the lives of our clients. By looking beyond the basic needs, we are able to provide holistic care services that encompass the mind, body, spirit and family. We believe in enriching home life so that people are not only safe and independent, but living with dignity, purpose and self-worth.  

By working closely with your family, our qualified team will understand your individual situation and develop specific protocols and activities designed to turn each day into a comfortable flow of engaging, fun and interactive activities. At the very core of this approach is the gift of empowerment, so patients and their families feel in control of their own destiny. Afterall, a little independence goes a long way.

To our Patients, We Promise to:

  • Enrich your life with every interaction
  • Respect and honor all of your healthcare choices 
  • Treat you with the dignity and respect you deserve
  • Provide patient and family centered care, communicating clearly with all involved
  • Deliver the highest level of physical, social, emotional and cognitive care


About Us Interim HealthCare of Mercer County

Home Healthcare Services with Unmatched Compassion

In our fast-paced world, it can sometimes be hard to make connections. That’s why, as a locally-owned and operated business, we think it’s important you get to know us too!

Our Core Values

At Interim HealthCare of Fort Lauderdale South, FL, compassion and professionalism comes first. We are owned and operated by a Medical doctor with over 25 years of healthcare experience and our director of nursing has over 30 years of experience in Home health so you know, you're in good hands. We look forward to serving you. Meet our team below!

The Team

Photo - Luis M Salmun

Luis M Salmun, MD


Dr. Salmun has over 25 years of experience in the healthcare environment. He trained at Harvard Medical School in Immunology/Allergy and spent his career in academic medicine and the Pharmaceutical/Biotechnology industries. After being exposed to the Home health industry when his mother required support, he realized the value of providing expert, professional, consistent and compassionate care at patients’ and clients’ homes. That’s when he decided to join Interim HealthCare to open and operate a local agency where he can provide the care that he would expect for a close family member.

Carmelita Napone, RN

Director of Healthcare Services

Ms. Napone has over 30 years of experience in Home Healthcare, primarily in Broward County. In addition to having had various senior positions at some local agencies, she has also served as a consultant in support of the creation and operation of several agencies. She is passionate about ensuring the most professional and detailed home care.

Photo - Carmelita Napone
Photo - Sucet Lopez

Sucet Lopez

Office Manager

Ms. Lopez has over 20 years of experience in the medical healthcare industry in South Florida, including various roles as Administrator and Human Resources Coordinator and Director at Home Health agencies in the area.

William Caballero, RN

Alternate Director of Healthcare Services

Mr. Caballero has more than 25 years of experience in healthcare, including various roles of increasing responsibility in centers located in Miami-Dade and Broward Counties.

Photo - William Caballero

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